Showcase the full character of your business through your music on hold

We make the on hold music that gives your company its own unique beat. While your clients are holding on the phone, showcase the full character of your business through your music on hold, custom auto attendant and on hold messages. Let your clients listen to music that is engaging, gives your business the right mood and goes a long way to enhance your professional appearance.

Music on hold that sounds perfect over the phone

Our specialty is producing music on hold (MOH) that sounds great on the phone. The skills of our musicians, announcers and producers go beyond composing the perfect sound for your business – we also mix and produce your on hold music specifically for the telephone media. With over 15 years of experience, we have been fine tuning holding music, messages on hold, telephone background music, IVR voices, auto attendant prompts and welcome messages for businesses. Telephones have a distinct pitch range (known as Voice Frequency), and we know how to tap into that frequency, pitch perfect.

Our music on hold samples feature over 1,000 different musical tunes, each royalty free and license free and with excellent production quality fit for your phones. Our hold on music will engage and entertain your caller’s on hold time, rather than distract and deter them. All without any subscription fees or ongoing costs.

Custom on hold messages

Make your caller’s on hold time valuable. While potential or returning customers are waiting on your phone line to get answered, your first priority is to ease their time with music on hold. This is also a golden opportunity to promote your business using precise on hold messages.

Necessary but unavoidable, on hold time often frustrates clients causing them to abandon their engagement. Make the most of your business phone lines by providing clients with useful and valuable information while they wait. Your auto attendant will help them find what they’re looking for fast. Greeting messages and after hours messages will keep them informed.

Melody on Hold helps you to use your telephone hold time to proactively engage clients about your company. With a captive ear already in tune to your business, this is a great opportunity to promote your brand!

Melody on Hold – Music on hold that drives your business forward

No matter what your business telephone configuration is, whether your employees use mobile phones, landlines or both, we are able to adapt our call waiting music to different phone systems and file formats. So whether you use a VOIP system, PABX systems, cloud or the standard single line phone systems, all aspects of compatibility are taken care of by our customer service team. We will guide you in the process of incorporating your hold music with whatever system you may have.

Yes, we love music, but no, that’s not all we do. We provide the whole package of call waiting services, our staff will listen and work closely with you to develop custom made scripts, voice messages, auto-attendant services and if necessary translation services, to get the exact holding music package that your business requires.

Our Top Services

Music on Hold

While your clients are holding on the phone, showcase the full character of your business through your music on hold and your unique on hold messages.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant greets your clients in a professional manner, with music that enhances your brand, making that perfect first impression.

After Hours Message

Your business might be closed, but your phone lines should never sleep. We will work with you to create an after hours message that resonates with your brand.