Audio Samples Library

For your business, use on hold music that will not only enhance your customer service experience but will also convey the right sentiment for your brand. Make sure that your hold music promotes a professional image that it is royalty free and can be used without any risk of incurring licensing penalties.

Another factor that all too often goes amiss is that the music also has to sound good on the phone. It is vital that your customers need to enjoy listening to that piece of music that is smoothly consistent with your brand’s image.

One in a thousand

With a library that contains over 1,000 different sound tracks, Melody on Hold is bound to have exactly the right music to convey your brand’s image. Our talented team of musical and corporate branding experts will work with you to carefully match your company’s sound image profile with the right music and accompanying on hold messages.

Categories for our music range from jazz, rock, pop, chic, latin, power, chill out, acoustic, electronic and adventure just to name a few. So if you own a rare book store you may select a type of acoustic music, such as “My Beautiful Country”, while if you own a bike shop we recommend that you go directly to the ‘electronic’’ category. From mainstream occupations to niche specialties, we have the right on hold music to perfectly suit your brand.

Audition our Samples

With the samples provided above, feel free to audition actual on hold music recordings to get a sense of the quality and variation of the music that we offer. Keep in mind that this is just a limited selection of samples that has been pulled out from amidst our much more extensive musical library. Contact us so that we can help you find the music that makes a good fit with your company’s style and your industry’s wider character profile.

Designed for the phone

When selecting music with Melody On Hold be rest assured that our entire range of royalty free on hold music will sound great on the phone. Unlike other music that is available such as MP3 downloads, music that is tuned in from the radio and even from among other on hold music companies, all our music is designed for the telephone medium. Our musical experts are professional musicians and producers, who ensure that all soundtracks have exactly the right pitch for the telephone, which is significantly different to other forms of media.

Furthermore, unlike more conventional on hold music where callers may be tuned into the music midstream depending on when the hold button was pressed, each of these soundtracks are designed to be played from the beginning each time, irrespective of when the caller was placed on hold. Once the music has played through its full course, it will automatically loop back to the beginning again.

Now sit back, relax and get your ears to do all the work!


With the samples provided, feel free to audition actual on hold music recordings to get a sense of the quality and variation of the music that we can offer