A smooth pathway that turns casual inquiries into paying clients

It’s no secret that the key to running a small or medium size business effectively is making the most out of all your resources – and that’s where a telephone auto attendant becomes key. With the benefit of saving on human resources, a live agent is no longer necessary to pick up the phone every time a customer calls. Rather, an auto attendant will answer the phone, greet your clients in a professional manner with music that enhances your brand, making that perfect first impression.

The auto attendant is about much more than appearances. Your auto attendant can turn potential clients into paying customers by efficiently directing them to the sales department. It can help customers find the right department and save time. It can offer useful information regarding opening hours, location, sales, special events and much more. It is your virtual phone operator, the voice of your brand, helping you give your clients a better experience on the phone.

Once you have an auto-attendant interface installed on your phone, you need to ensure that you are obtaining maximum potential out of all it has to offer. Put to its optimum value, an intelligently integrated auto attendant will accurately manage calls into the appropriate functions of your business whilst effectively promoting your services. Melody on Hold are the experts in the field and you can talk to us to get the most out of your telephone system.

It’s all just about good customer service

The Auto Attendant receptionist is installed into your company’s telephone system through the IVR (or Interactive Voice Response) system that allows clients to interact with your company via their dial pad, irrespective of the time or their location. With some IVR systems, clients can speak into their phone in response to the phone operator. This is known as voice activated dialing.

Assisting you to make your phone system work best for you, we will work closely with you to understand your business and design the appropriate voice menu prompts that will route your callers to the most effective channel. We can also provide you with script and voice recording for any IVR personalized voice messages that you may require. Furthermore our phone messages can be programmed to announce welcome and after hours messages that are automatically activated depending on the time, without requiring any ongoing human interaction.  

Music by design

When designing your auto attendant  system, you need to consider whether the on hold music reflects the culture of your company and whether the on hold messages are useful and effectively showcasing the full repertoire of your services. Studies have shown that potential clients are much more likely to engage a service when there is enjoyable on hold music, and even more so when it is providing them with useful information.

More than just an answering service, at Melody on Hold we can assist you in getting the most out of your automated attendant and IVR solutions, helping to keep your business operating at its full potential.  

Our Top Services

Music on Hold

While your clients are holding on the phone, showcase the full character of your business through your music on hold and your unique on hold messages.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant greets your clients in a professional manner, with music that enhances your brand, making that perfect first impression.

After Hours Message

Your business might be closed, but your phone lines should never sleep. We will work with you to create an after hours message that resonates with your brand.