It’s imperative to make contact via the phone as pleasurable as possible

Telephones continue to be a key method for clients to contact your business. It is therefore imperative to make sure that contact via the phone is as pleasurable as possible. On hold messages are pre-recorded voice messages, typically thanking callers for their patience and stating that their call is important and assistance is on the way. On hold messages should be used to complement the on hold music that together provide a pathway for smoothly addressing the caller’s needs.

Consider your on hold message to have similar design aspects of a production that needs to be choreographed. The on hold music lays the foundational groundwork and therefore needs to sound good and set the right professional but evocative mood. The on hold messages are then superimposed with a clear message that tells your clients that you care about their time and that you value their call. Just like a good song needs quality music that is well complemented to corresponding lyrics, an effective “on hold” experience also requires both.

Three types of on hold messages

Hold messages are generally comprised of 3 types of voice announcements, that each convey the brand of your business and ultimately work to indicate to the customer that their call is valued, but are used to perform different functions.

  1. The Message On Hold – This is played after callers have navigated through the auto attendant phone menu and are waiting to be picked up, or once a customer service representative has placed them “on hold”.
  2. The Auto attendant announcement – This hold message welcomes callers and ushers them into the IVR telephone system, presenting them with an array of options to address the reason for their call and then directing them through to the appropriate route.
  3. The Voicemail Greeting – Played out of normal business hours and for holiday greetings, this is a short voice message that provides a means to capture the caller’s basic information so that they can be contacted back.

Bringing it together

Your on hold callers can be turned into a receptive audience by using a captivating blend of music and voice message. Cleverly designed, on hold marketing is able to transform the caller experience from one that is filled with dead air or a flat dial tone to an engaging experience, where  the caller is tuned in to hear more about what your business has to offer.

As experts in the on hold music industry, we have a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight to make those on hold messages for your business stand out. From selecting the music sound track that best reflects your brand image, to the on hold message script that effectively enhances the customer service experience, we know the tips in the trade that will get your business to stand out from the rest.  

Our Top Services

Music on Hold

While your clients are holding on the phone, showcase the full character of your business through your music on hold and your unique on hold messages.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant greets your clients in a professional manner, with music that enhances your brand, making that perfect first impression.

After Hours Message

Your business might be closed, but your phone lines should never sleep. We will work with you to create an after hours message that resonates with your brand.