First impressions last forever

A customer forms their initial impression of your business from the first interaction that they have with your brand. While we all know the oft quoted saying that “first impressions last”, this is no less true with the on hold messages for business that you place on your telephone system. In fact research has shown that as high as 73% of callers will not continue to do business with a company if their initial call was handled poorly.

There is no second chance to make a great first impression

For good reason and with proven return on investment, companies spend considerable time and resources trying to ensure that they provide an attractive and appealing overall telephone experience, from the welcoming greeting message all the way to custom on hold messages and on hold music for business.

While getting this right is by all means fiddly work, in the same manner that you would seek to ensure that your physical space is interesting and inviting, you need to consider how you are using sound to enhance your customer’s experience with your company.

Keeping your caller on the line

An on hold message recording with the perfect tempo, volume and genre that suits the culture and branding of your business has a proven effect on customer behavior. One particular study indicated that 42% of callers will stay longer due to informative and engaging telephone on hold messages that are related to the company’s services. Furthermore, professionally developed custom on hold messages were seen to have contributed towards a significant 19% increase in sales.

While most message on hold companies are able to provide you with basic call on hold music and accompanying voice message, make sure not to overlook the company that has the business insight and musical savvy to best target your audience. Melody on Hold has a unique edge due to our considerable years of experience in the music on hold industry and our specialization in adapting the tone and pitch towards the telephone medium.

Our Top Services

Music on Hold

While your clients are holding on the phone, showcase the full character of your business through your music on hold and your unique on hold messages.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant greets your clients in a professional manner, with music that enhances your brand, making that perfect first impression.

After Hours Message

Your business might be closed, but your phone lines should never sleep. We will work with you to create an after hours message that resonates with your brand.