On Hold Marketing

On hold marketing is a proven and effective means to increase a brand’s attention and reach. Whether consciously recognized or subtlety internalized, audio messages have been shown to affect callers behaviorally, cognitively and physiologically. Done well, the impact on a customer can be highly beneficial as they become intrigued and attracted to the mood the audio message conveys.

The captive caller

More than any other arena this is particularly the case for the on hold telephone medium, as there is no other competing stimuli and the customer is already on the phone. However, you must never take your caller’s receptiveness for granted. Never forget that your caller is your captive audience – for better or worse. Done correctly – your on hold marketing efforts can turn any caller into an engaged listener. However, carried out poorly – you risk stirring up a negative sentiment.

While on hold music and messages are useful tools for keeping clients on the phone, even more so, marketing messages on hold that are sharp are even more likely to keep them engaged and willing to wait on hold for longer. The key here is being useful and relevant, while never getting in the way of your callers’ primary objective.

Techniques for developing your on hold advertising message

Do you have a new product that you want to promote? A new tool that will enhance customer satisfaction with your service? Or a marketing campaign that you would like to implement? Then telephone on hold marketing becomes a great tool to inform your customers. Already tuned in to your business, on hold promotional message are a great means to tell your customers about a new initiative that reflects your current marketing strategy.

More ideas that have gained traction include sharing that topic that was hot on your blog, directing customers to your website and social media channels whilst giving them incentives to follow you. Have your phone announcer let slip an up-sale or a cross-sale, that the customer might not yet have considered.

At the cutting edge

Show yourself to be knowledgeable and at the cutting edge of your field by sharing interesting facts about the sector or by directing callers to an expert forum for further insights in the industry.Seize the chance to show how contemporary your business is, by telling your clients about the latest products on the market, new opportunities or current industry trends. After all no matter which industry you’re in, nothing ever stays still!

Whether you choose to use on hold advertising to promote a product or a special offer, the ad on hold is too good an opportunity to simply let slip through your fingers. Grab the chance to let your customers know about you and everything that your business has to offer!  


On hold marketing is too good an opportunity to simply let slip through your fingers