Free Hold Music

Before you upload anything to your business phones, you may well want to read this article. While it can be all too tempting as it is so easy to download music from an MP3 player, off the radio or a soundtrack and use it as your free hold music, there are many minefields that could turn this plan into a disaster.  

You pay peanuts, you get monkeys

To begin with, the primary issue is that it is unlawful. If you are found to be re-broadcasting free music on hold without a royalty, you make your business vulnerable to paying hefty penalty fees to the owner of the music license. It is just not worth the risk, asides from the fact that they will also demand that you take it off your phone’s on hold music system.

Furthermore while there are numerous websites that promise free royalty free hold music, be aware that these sites do not actually comply with performance royalties that are held by licensing agencies. While their free music may be okay for personal use, they are certainly not intended for commercial use by businesses. Do this smartly, read more about royalty free music on hold.

The quick fix just never sticks

Get the music on hold that is crafted to perfectly suit your business needs. Free on hold music downloaded from the internet for your business’s hold music can not be adapted to best promote your business. As you are unable to incorporate on hold voice messages or an auto attendant tool, this is an enormously wasted opportunity where you could be promoting the full extent of your business, whilst also making contact with you company an efficient experience, rather than a frustrating one.

But even more so, it is a gamble as to whether the free hold music even sounds good on the telephone? Bets are that it doesn’t, and that is because the telephone was not the intended medium for the music. The on hold music produced by Melody on Hold is specifically designed and created for the telephone medium by talented composers and musicians, ensuring that your business sounds professional and capable from that very first impression.

With just an initial one time payment necessary, it is not worth compromising on that first impression that your business sets. Rather than gambling on free hold music, choose the on hold music that is free of concerns and puts your business on its best foot forward.

Before you upload anything to your business phones, you may well want to read this article.