Without any monthly or ongoing fees our on hold music is at your disposal

While playing entertaining on hold music is a great way to engage your clients whilst they are waiting on the phone, it is essential that whatever you are playing is royalty free hold music. Be aware that a lot of the “royalty free” music available on the web does not actually comply with performance royalties held by licensing authorities. This may leave your business vulnerable to paying penalty fees if you are found to be re-broadcasting content without the correct license.

The benefit of using Melody on Hold, however, is that all our on hold music is entirely royalty free. This means there is no concern at all about copyright and licensing upon purchasing your requested soundtrack from our royalty free hold music library. Without any monthly or ongoing fees our on hold music is at your disposal with just an initial one time payment.

Can I use commercially available music on hold?

Whether you have sourced your on hold music as an MP3 sound track off the internet, recorded it from the radio or have bought it as a CD, you must hold a license in order to use it as music on hold for your business. There are no licensing concerns at Melody on Hold because all our hold music is royalty free. Composed, performed and produced by our in house musicians and producers, there are no associated licensing concerns that come with your purchase.

Furthermore as our musicians and producers craft their music with the intention that it will be used specifically for on hold telephone calls, they are more easily paired up with on hold messages and sound better on the telephone medium.

Music royalty licensing bodies

In the USA the relevant licensing organizations for royalty free on hold music are  ASCAP, SESAC and BMI. In Australia the relevant body is APRA/AMCO while in the UK it is the PPL. To dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s, use Melody on Hold to access royalty free music on hold. Enjoy the use of our royalty free background music for your phone without any concern for copyright, music licensing and all the associated fees.

Our Top Services

Music on Hold

While your clients are holding on the phone, showcase the full character of your business through your music on hold and your unique on hold messages.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant greets your clients in a professional manner, with music that enhances your brand, making that perfect first impression.

After Hours Message

Your business might be closed, but your phone lines should never sleep. We will work with you to create an after hours message that resonates with your brand.